What is Dog Camp?

Simply put Camp is a place where dogs can be dogs. All dogs are off leash at all times and get to enjoy all the benefits of socializing in a pack setting. On top of socialization they get 3 hours of exercise, this is a time for the dogs to sniff, explore, run, jump, play, swim and learn.

What is Camp?

Because camp has no more then 8 dogs in each pack the dogs get to form stronger bonds with their pack mates who they get to see every week. Camp is different then a traditional doggie daycare in that each dog is learning how to handle themselves in the real world with other dogs. Exploration Dog Camp also teaches each dog basic obedience such as sit stays, recall, calm play with people and dogs, leaving the house and entering the car calmly, and pack walking. All of this helps build their self control and can be transferred back to the owner.

At camp every dog is selected and integrated into each pack with care. Only good dogs get to enjoy the benefits of camp. Exploration Dog Camp screens each dog before they are allowed to come to their first day. Dogs who have solid recall (come when called), are friendly to all people, are good in the car, are friendly towards other dogs and most importantly love to have fun are the only dogs that are allowed to come to camp. Your dog will only be interacting with other friendly dogs so they won’t come home with any bad manners.

Pick-ups start at 8-9:30 we then transport all the dogs in the camp car to an off leash friendly location where we walk for 3 hours. We then drop all the dogs back off at the home where they can sleep the day away.