“Our dogs Tryfan and Wyatt have been in Cristina’s pack for the past 3 years and we have had nothing but positive experiences. She never misses a camp day and gives plenty of notice if she has to cancel for any reason. She is very responsible, trustworthy, friendly, and is great with dogs and people. Our dogs go to camp 2 days a week and she has even watched them for us while we were on vacation. Wyatt has been with Cristina since he was a puppy and she was a huge part of his off leash and recall training which has helped make walks and hikes essentially stress free. We can say without any doubt that there is no single person we would trust more than Cristina to take our dogs on adventures or watch them if we are away.

I have been lucky enough to be home a few times when Cristina has picked up the pups and they go absolutely nuts with excitement the second they hear her car pull up. It is clear that they love spending time with her and their dog pack friends. One of the best parts about dog camp are the great pictures Cristina takes and posts to her social media. It’s great to see a picture of your little fur baby having a case of the zoomies with one of their friends in hot pursuit! My wife and I truly love camp day evenings since our dogs are exhausted from all the fun they had at camp and we get to enjoy some quiet time after a long work day. 

But don’t just take my word for it, here’s what Tryfan and Wyatt have to say:


“I have so much fun with Cristina! I get to go on a car ride with all my bestest friends and then I get to go run and swim and sometimes I find a nice rock to carry around!! I like to show Cristina my favorite toy when she picks me and my little brother up and she always smiles and gives me pets!!” –Tryfan

“Cristina gives me lots of love and attention and sometimes if I act really cute I get treats!! I love playing with all my friends at camp and one time I almost caught a chipmunk but it got away!!! Camp days are the best days!” –Wyatt

In conclusion, Cristina helps keep our dogs happy, healthy and exercised and we have no clue what we would do without Exploration Dog Camp!! HIGHLY RECOMENDED!!!!!” Jeff and Emma, Owners of Tryfan, and Wyatt


“Adopting a puppy, let alone two(!) represents a significant learning curve when the last time you had a pet was 35 years ago. We relied on Cristina to help us navigate those initial months to learn how to be an effective dog parent. She was available to us morning, noon and night and we called at all of these times! We can’t thank her enough and highly recommend her services.” –Gary Margolis, owner of Juno and Olive, Basic Obedience Training


“It had been almost fifteen years since my husband and I had a puppy in the house so when we brought Sam home from the breeder, we were amazed at his high energy level!  While we tried to work through some training strategies on our own it soon became evident that we needed help with the training process.  Finding Cristina from the Exploration Dog Camp was a blessing.  She is personable with people and dogs and Sam quickly warmed up to her.  She gave us valuable strategies to channel his energy and before long with her guidance he has become an exemplary puppy that is adorable and sweet and lovable!  She worked with us at our home and gave us just enough homework to have success each week without feeling overwhelmed.  Plus, Cristina is available by phone, text or email if I have any questions or concerns.  I would highly recommend Cristina and her training program!!  Sam would recommend her as well!” – Jane Kaufman, owner of Samson, Basic Obedience Training


“We called on Cristina to help get us over the hump of “recall” with our 9 month Vizsla, Otto. Before Cristina, Otto was choosing when he wanted to come back and when he decided to take a different path.  We wanted to be able to take Otto off leash and feel confident that he would come back when we called.  We also wanted to solidify with us and Otto basic puppy training in the house, including knowing his place and when he needs to be in his place.  Our time with Cristina was awesome.  She was able to figure out where Otto was at, what he needed, what we needed, and what direction we needed to take in order to get him listening with every command.  She trained us and showed us how to work with Otto in a positive and respectful manner, and in turn, we have taken her techniques and have been training and working with Otto regularly.

We would 100% recommend Cristina to anyone looking for training.  We are now waiting for Dog Camp to be offered in our area, as I would 100% trust Cristina with Otto out on the trails.”  – Jeff and Tiffany, owner of Otto, Basic Obedience Training and Recall



“It is hard to know where to begin when choosing among the multitude of positive things I can say about Cristina and Dog Camp!  First, Cristina is a delightful young woman who is intelligent, trustworthy, punctual, honest, organized and an absolute pleasure to work with.  I have entrusted her with Roxy since she first started her business,  and Roxy has thrived and blossomed under her care.  Not only does she get tremendous exercise with her canine friends, but Cristina has also enhanced her obedience in every way.  Roxy literally knows, and anticipates, when Cristina is coming to get her.  She meets her with such unbridled enthusiasm that you would think Cristina carried steak in her pockets…she jumps for joy.  I have been a dog owner for 40 years and Cristina has surpassed anyone I have ever employed to care for my dogs.  As a working professional, I never have to be concerned about Roxy during my working day.  Cristina is awesome.” Wendy Everhart, Owner of Roxy


“Cristina is an amazing resource for learning how to train and work with your dog!  We felt lucky to connect with her after we adopted our yellow lab Cosmo. Having a puppy in the house for the first time in 15 years felt overwhelming, but Cristina worked with our whole family to establish training routines. Cosmo is now a year old and such a good boy!  Cristina helped us teach him the basic commands like recall, sit, and down. She also helped us to teach him how to go to “his place” at dinner and to not jump on the counters. Recently, we followed up for another quick lesson on leash manners. After only four lessons with Cristina, we were much better prepared to train Cosmo. Her knowledge of dogs and her ability to clearly demonstrate a method and answer any questions helped us feel successful. Cristina was great at including our kids in all the lessons, which made training fun for our whole family.  We can’t recommend Cristina highly enough. She’s knowledgeable, friendly, responsive, and fun to work with. ” -Hannah and Matt, owners of Cosmo



“How do I put int words how fantastic Exploration Dog Camp and Cristina are?!Cristina is absolutely amazing! She is so positive, thoughtful, and dependable. Our very energetic golden, Gus, absolutely loves Cristina and camp days! The off leash time is the highlight of his week!  I don’t know what we would do without Cristina!” – Emily McFadden, Owner of Gus


“Camp is the highlight of Clover’s week! She literally shakes with excitement when Cristina arrives to pick her up.We love seeing their adventures in the pictures Cristina posts on Facebook. We can’t recommend Exploration Dog Camp enough!” – Kristie and David Grover, owners of Clover


“Cristina completed an apprenticeship through Vermont Dog Pack specifically running and operating the Camp service we provide. Cristina learned and excelled in pack management and maintaining friendly and appropriate behavior within the pack and over saw their interactions with the public. She understands the importance in controlling energy to give each dog the best Camp experience. On top of being a great dog handler and following instructions well she has a friendly personality that we all loved. We miss her and are excited for her to start her own Camp to help more of Vermonter’s and their dogs. We highly recommend Cristina of Exploration Dog Camp!” – Rhonda Bilodeau, owner of Vermont Dog Pack & My Dog Camp



“Sending Wilma to Exploration Dog Camp is one of the best decisions we ever made. We know that she is well cared for in an environment built around safe play and outdoor exercise where each dog’s needs are taken into consideration. Cristina cares for Wilma like she is her own.”  -Jess and Chris Cover, owners of Wilma

I cannot say enough positive things about my experience with Cristina and the Exploration Dog Camp.

When I fractured my foot and was told I had to stay off it for 8 weeks, I had no idea what to do with my dog who is use to an hour plus walk/hike every day. Thankfully, I was referred to Cristina’s Dog Camp, and that she had the room to take on Bodie while I healed.

Lindzeys dog Bodie is laying down.

It is incredible how dedicated she is to her business. She always shows up on time to pick him up, despite the freezing cold, snow, sleet or pouring rain, and ready to go (of course he is always ready to go as well and doesn’t care about the weather). There aren’t many people Bodie is more excited to see than her when she picks him up!

What I also appreciate about her service is how much Cristina goes above and beyond, as well as giving me pointers on training. I always look forward to seeing the videos and photos from his day with the pack.  It makes me feel very pleased with my decision to enlist her services. I am so happy to have found Cristina and even though my foot is better, I will definitely be calling on her again in the future.  If Bodie could talk, I am sure he would be begging me to go back to camp!” -Lindzey Chaffin, owner of Bodie