Jeff Pioli and Emma Leonard, owners of Tryfan and Wyatt

“Our dogs Tryfan and Wyatt have been in Cristina’s pack for the past 3 years and we have had nothing but positive experiences. She never misses a camp day and gives plenty of notice if she has to cancel for any reason. She is very responsible, trustworthy, friendly, and is great with dogs and people. Our dogs go to camp 2 days a week and she has even watched them for us while we were on vacation. Wyatt has been with Cristina since he was a puppy and she was a huge part of his off leash and recall training which has helped make walks and hikes essentially stress free. We can say without any doubt that there is no single person we would trust more than Cristina to take our dogs on adventures or watch them if we are away.

I have been lucky enough to be home a few times when Cristina has picked up the pups and they go absolutely nuts with excitement the second they hear her car pull up. It is clear that they love spending time with her and their dog pack friends. One of the best parts about dog camp are the great pictures Cristina takes and posts to her social media. It’s great to see a picture of your little fur baby having a case of the zoomies with one of their friends in hot pursuit! My wife and I truly love camp day evenings since our dogs are exhausted from all the fun they had at camp and we get to enjoy some quiet time after a long work day. 

But don’t just take my word for it, here’s what Tryfan and Wyatt have to say:

“I have so much fun with Cristina! I get to go on a car ride with all my bestest friends and then I get to go run and swim and sometimes I find a nice rock to carry around!! I like to show Cristina my favorite toy when she picks me and my little brother up and she always smiles and gives me pets!!” –Tryfan

“Cristina gives me lots of love and attention and sometimes if I act really cute I get treats!! I love playing with all my friends at camp and one time I almost caught a chipmunk but it got away!!! Camp days are the best days!” –Wyatt

In conclusion, Cristina helps keep our dogs happy, healthy and exercised and we have no clue what we would do without Exploration Dog Camp!! HIGHLY RECCOMENDED!!!!!”

Jeff, Emma, Tryfan, and Wyatt