Jeff and Tiffany, owners of Otto

We called on Cristina to help get us over the hump of “recall” with our 9 month Vizsla, Otto. Before Cristina, Otto was choosing when he wanted to come back and when he decided to take a different path.  We wanted to be able to take Otto off leash and feel confident that he would come back when we called.  We also wanted to solidify with us and Otto basic puppy training in the house, including knowing his place and when he needs to be in his place.  Our time with Cristina was awesome.  She was able to figure out where Otto was at, what he needed, what we needed, and what direction we needed to take in order to get him listening with every command.  She trained us and showed us how to work with Otto in a positive and respectful manner, and in turn, we have taken her techniques and have been training and working with Otto regularly.

We would 100% recommend Cristina to anyone looking for training.  We are now waiting for Dog Camp to be offered in our area, as I would 100% trust Cristina with Otto out on the trails.