Hannah and Matt Dransfield, owners of Cosmo

Cristina is an amazing resource for learning how to train and work with your dog!  We felt lucky to connect with her after we adopted our yellow lab Cosmo. Having a puppy in the house for the first time in 15 years felt overwhelming, but Cristina worked with our whole family to establish training routines. Cosmo is now a year old and such a good boy!  Cristina helped us teach him the basic commands like recall, sit, and down. She also helped us to teach him how to go to “his place” at dinner and to not jump on the counters. Recently, we followed up for another quick lesson on leash manners. After only four lessons with Cristina, we were much better prepared to train Cosmo. Her knowledge of dogs and her ability to clearly demonstrate a method and answer any questions helped us feel successful. Cristina was great at including our kids in all the lessons, which made training fun for our whole family.  We can’t recommend Cristina highly enough. She’s knowledgeable, friendly, responsive, and fun to work with.