After years of running with our own dogs, Exploration wants to help bring the joy of running to the dogs of Chittenden County and the Mad River Valley. We offer off leash trail running, as well as, on leash runs. Every run can be anywhere from 2-10 miles. We suggest doing at least 2 runs a week to keep your dog in running shape (although this is not mandatory).  Owners will sit down with Exploration to tailor a running plan to fit their dogs specific exercise needs, and athletic ability.

Running is great for all dogs of all ages, shapes, and sizes!


*all rates include a preliminary consultation and transportation for your dog to and from the runs*

$20.00 for runs 3 miles and under

$25.00 for runs over 3 miles – 7 miles

$35.00 for runs 8 miles – 10 miles

We also offer run training packages with discounts offered for training packages! Each training plan is individualized to fit your dogs needs and prices vary based on the amount of runs and the mileage. An example of a training package is:

Week 1: 3 runs, run 1- 2 miles, run 2- 2miles, run 3- 3 miles

Week 2: 3 runs, run 1- 3 miles, run 2- 2 miles, run 3- 4 miles etc.