Things Mason is loving this week

Playing fetch with Kemba (Masons new favorite ball..the Bomber)

Trying to beat Kemba (and the ball) into the pond

Begging for bread with Otto (the big O!)

Camping and napping in the mud (even when there is a perfectly good bed in the tent)

Napping on top of Mount Washington with my sister Kara and I

Watching the Mount Washington Hill Climb with my brother Anthony

Napping on our bed

Begging for apple slices at the summit of Mount Abraham

Things Mason is Loving This Week


Napping on the way to Camp

Maybe take a nap during Camp?

Napping after Camp

Napping on the cool floor

Napping on my feet

Napping/keeping an eye on everything as we make dinner

Napping on the weekend.

This week was fun. We spent a lot of time outside and the rest well…napping. Mason and I are heading away for a couple of days to do some backpacking. Our very first long trip! We do plenty of camping and hiking, but not a lot of long backpacking trips. Let us know if you have any tips for us! And Happy 4th of July Everyone!