Enjoy your dog

Life has been really awesome lately. Maybe its just the warmer weather, and longer days, but Mason and I have been getting out and enjoying Vermont more then I have in the past. I grew up in VT (as did Mason) and there is something about this summer that feels different…does anyone else feel that way?

Mason and I have been getting into the best routine! We go to camp together everyday Monday-Friday. By Friday Mason is completely wiped out…like walking by my side wiped out! Most afternoons we come home and he enjoys a marrow bone form Boyden Farm (hello local, non gmo, happy cows!). After that Mason takes a nap and is back awake at exactly 4:00pm on the dot and ready for a run. After our run we head down to the river and only come back up to the house for dinner when we are ready.

When I first got Mason I was a full time student and had a job. Needless to say I didn’t have a lot of time for him. I would do my best to make sure he got proper exercise and was looked after (I had 4 roommates so there was always someone home with him), but I never really got to enjoy him and really get to know him.

Now I spend every waking second with him and I have to say I love it. He has such a goofy ridiculous personality. From spending so much time with him I know what he is thinking, I know when he looks at me if that means he is hungry, tired, bored, needs to go outside. I know what makes him happy, nervous, scared, and excited. This is the bond I was always looking for when I got a dog and its all because I get to spend time with him.

Rereading this I’m thinking about how crazy I sound….right? Trust me though the next time you take your dog for a walk, leave your phone behind. Enjoy the time you have with your dog, make a point to be present when you play with them, walk them, or even just take them out. I know sometimes walking your dog or making sure they get enough exercise can feel like a chore, something to cross off your to-do list, but try to make it into something fun for both of you. Don’t feel like going for a walk, go for a bike ride–they make some pretty cool leashes that attach right to your bike. Go for a swim (if you can!), Mason is ALWAYS down to swim and sometimes its nice to just sit on the beach while he exercises himself.

What I am trying to say is be present with your dog! You will enjoy your time with them so much more and they will thank you ten fold for it.

That is why life has been so great, I am able to enjoy Mason’s presence and in doing so take life at a slower pace…at a dogs pace.

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